Overhauling Your Wardrobe to Find More Versatile Personal Looks

Personal style is something that is constantly evolving and is something you can experiment with until you find what makes your own style and personality shine through. Personal style is in no way limited to just a few key pieces in your wardrobe. Rather, it is the opportunity to mix and match pieces you already may own and find other key pieces to add to your collection to help you transform from a daytime look to a nighttime look almost effortlessly.

Identify Some Odd Pieces

It is always a clever idea to go through your wardrobe every once in awhile to look at what you have and maybe even rediscover a few gems you never thought you would wear again. Place these pieces next to some of your other more worn items and voila! You have created a new look from pieces you already have, and it still showcases your style and personality.

Choose a Signature Piece

Next, choose a signature piece. One piece of clothing you absolutely adore and want to find new ways to wear it and maybe freshen it up. This signature piece may be the defining element of your new style and can make a bold statement.

Even better if it is a piece that you can wear with jeans for a daytime look, but then jazz it up with a nice jacket or a skirt for a fun nighttime look.

Take Advantage of Your Strengths

Finally, always take advantage of your strengths. What do people compliment you for the most? Your figure? Maybe your long legs or deep emerald eyes? Well, take advantage of those compliments and use them to further define your style and make that feature pop even more.

Never be afraid to mix and match and try something new. Revisiting old items or buying new items to help freshen up your wardrobe can all go a long way in giving your wardrobe a much-needed overhaul and you a well-deserved day to night, sun to moon, fun and free look and style.